We are Ukrainian brand of clothing that protects against the elements. We have our own small production and office in Lutsk. We believe in sustainable fashion so it’s very important:


We have no stock, no seasonal discounts, and we sew almost every item to order to avoid overproduction.
All things are cut and quilted by hand. And we sew each piece by hand too, a kind of couture on a smaller scale


Often our clothes are transformed: the length is changed, cells, sleeves are removed, hoods are fastened, and one thing is come apart into two elements. All this in order to prolong life and to make as many as possible combinations with our clothes.


We adjust the length of our clothing in relation to your height. And if you have an atypical size of clothes, we will faithfully sew you the right size to order.
To make sure your oven fits you exactly.


We shoot all our lookbooks in Ukraine. We tell an honest story about our development and our roots in each of our lookbooks.